Discover how solid surface applications to student halls & communal kitchens can provide optimum performance & long-lasting furnishings.

Solid surface has been an increasingly popular choice for residential accommodation kitchens and bathrooms. Over the years we have worked on luxury projects with more than 700 plots, as well as bespoke communal kitchens and reception areas, within this sector. Because Student Accommodation projects can range from several bespoke luxury apartments to newly built student halls, we understand that budgets are set, and targets must be met, therefore we offer competitive quotes and prices to ensure that your end goal can be achieved in the most cost-effective way.

Solid surface is easy to look after, durable, hardwearing and will last for years. It is the ideal product for a high traffic environment like a communal kitchen as it’s quick and easy to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance to keep it looking brand new.

Our results show that even when you’re on a budget solid surface can still deliver luxurious and long-lasting transformations. Interested? Contact us now for fast, competitive quotes and prices, we’d love to help.

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