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Challenge tradition & push design boundaries with Solid Surface.

A relatively new sector we have been operating in has been the internal fit out of new and renovated mosques. Traditional materials like tiles, terrazzo, porcelain, and stone have been used within the interior and exterior of the mosques for centuries. However, all these materials have visible joins and involve grouting which can be difficult to clean and maintain in such extravagant areas. As times gone on, architects have tried to incorporate materials that still scream opulence but are ultimately sustainable and long lasting.

Most of the mosque work we have carried out has been within the ablution areas, where the wudu ritual is performed daily. As solid surface is seamless, and structurally reinforced through thermoforming there is little threat of leakage or damp build up. Cleanliness is vital to the Islamic religion, so it’s important to use a material that does not spread germs and harmful bacteria. All solid surface products are internationally certified resistant to virus’, germs, and dirt, making it an appropriate material choice for this market sector.

There are many benefits to using solid surface within this niche and bespoke market. Combining techniques such as thermoforming, which allows the material to be moulded into unique shapes, with intricate fret work from CNC machining, means that we can fabricate elaborate columns and wall panels. Marry this with back lighting and translucent solid surface material, to create a remarkable ambiance.

Incorporating the mosque market sector into our working portfolio, has brought around new, exciting challenges for all involved in the development projects. From an impressive dual height fountain, and intricate radiator casings to uniquely shaped window reveals, and fret cut spherical columns. Our dedicated fabricators have pushed boundaries, used their own initiative and creativity to produce bespoke designs and products that are unique and exclusive to MSF.

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Mosque Internal Fit Out